Antler handle knives


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I have several sheds lying around and I thought of making a few antler handle knives. I have read up on and watched several how to type videos, but haven't taken the leap yet. Anybody else out there doing this? Any words of wisdom? I would like to make durable usable knives not just pretty ones that are meant to look at.
I have watched a few videos recently on using antlers for various items. It is interesting how skilled the knife makers are. Right now I don't a decent antler collection but hope to improve the collection by mid-May. I watched a YouTube video on antler repair and the use of antler stain to arrive at the right color to match the existing rack.

Seems that a number of people in the beginning rework an existing knife. I decided to post on your thread in hopes someone that has built a knife with an antler handle will share their knowledge and skill.