Another successful Pa youth hunt


My 7 year old's 2nd gobbler.

We where set up just outside of a small rye/clover plot. Lots of gobbling in the first 1hr. Called in 2 that snuck behind our blind. I thought they would come into the plot to investigate but they kept going.

Next couple hrs. were slow. Around 10:30 a bird gobbled not to far behind us. A few yelps and cuts got him coming in. Instead of entering the plot he started skirting us like the previous birds.

I peeked through the back of the blind. There were 3 birds about 25 yards away. So I repositioned the sticks to the back of blind and pulled the window down. The boy took his time and dropped him in his

What a great day! Plus we saw 2 flying squirrels, which was interesting.


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