Another Oak ID


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Sorry Native, I probably could have found this one on your oak thread, but my signal isn’t the best and it would have taken a LONG time to load all those pics. These oaks were on some public about an hour away. The leaves and the acorn caps in the first pic are from the trees I’m wanting to identify.
3CAE6755-2604-4A1D-AD31-41AA7493D52E.jpegDepending on what you guys tell me I might pick up some acorns from them in the future, some of the trees producing weren’t very big.
Those are Sawtooths my friend. You wouldn't have found it in my oak thread, because I took a break in the thread before getting to the sawtooths. I will try to finish that thread someday. They are outstanding producers of desirable nuts and start much earlier than most other oaks. You might see a few acorns in 5 or 6 years under good circumstances. Plant Sawtooths where they will get a lot of sun. The more sun, the more acorns.

Drop times can vary a lot. I have some that go into early November, but late September to Mid October seems to be more common from what I hear others say. Best Wishes.
Yep, the wonderful sawtooth. Planted some on my farm in north central Kansas last week that I grew from my acorns. We’ll see what happens.