Another Age This Buck


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Had this buck come in opening day. He was never closer than 60yds which is farther than I want to shoot sitting down (I’d of killed him if I could have stood). I’d never seen him before, and the pics that follow are from an hour or two after I saw him.

This is from the northern Catskills….this is not ag country and our soils/genetics are not good. By way of explanation, we’ve killed a couple 5 and 6 year old deer that wouldn’t gross more than 115.

I’m interested in your estimates on age.17A38FC8-CEF4-4392-B583-A79AABB5F6F3.jpegE5AA1E1D-BF70-469F-89A8-836CD1C4B359.jpeg
To me, the rear of that deer just doesn’t look like an older deer. Spine looks pretty straight with no droop. Hard to tell with those but my first thought was 3 but it could be a really good 2 year old.
That’s a 5 year old tank in the Appalachian mountains but mature deer look very different regionally.

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2 year old deer on our place have well inside the ear spreads. This guy is 20” wide. Body wise he dwarfs the 2 year olds…
Hard to say without seeing his muzzle but here in Steuben county I would say 3 1/2. Nice buck for sure.