Animals do some funny things.....

It's bad enough with geese, but wait till you see that happen with a goat.....
I have a neighbor that has/had 2 pygmy goats. I say has/had because one day I was driving home and the two goats where standing on the roof of his corvette! Now it's a 1980's vintage vette, but it's still a vette and he is a car guy! I'm not sure if he still has them or not.

This is the first time I have seen geese on the vehicles here at work. Typically they just try to nest near door ways and try to attack you during nesting season.....hold up traffic when your in a hurry, oh, and shit all over the side walks!!!!
They're not wrong!
See, the longer you get to know someone, no matter how perfect they seem, their faults begin to surface. :)
Cool pic. I hate those things, can't believe anyone wanted to make them protected at one time.