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Anyone have any AC they’d be willing to part with?


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I went out again and picked more nuts today. One interesting observation. When I first started picking nuts from these a couple weeks ago, I found one with a root radicle. I had never seen this before. Well, for the last 2 days of picking, there have been more with root radicles still sitting in the husk than without. So, now I'm wondering about this. I can think of several options:

- This is normal, and I just never noticed it.
- This is normal, but squirrels and other wildlife ate the nuts before they got to this stage.
- We got the remnants of a hurricane that has kept things wet and humid for quite a while. Maybe this damp is causing them to develop the root radicle earlier.

In previous years, I've always put nuts in the crisper with no added moisture which kept them from developing a root radicle until I was ready to plant them. I'm wondering if I should just add the damp sphagnum now and let them go ahead and produce root radicle. I think I may do that with a couple bags for a test. In previous years I was using rootmakers and didn't want the root to grow before I put them in 18s so it would get pruned. Next spring, I plan to direct seed them, so I don't see where a root radicle will hurt.

I found a small post office on the way to the retirement property today and dropped off the last two boxes of requested nuts. I PMed tracking numbers. I've received several PMs asking how to pay me. I'll answer it here rather than sending PMs to everyone.

Pay it forward. When the next guy needs habitat help, and you have the means to help them, do so!
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