Alberta 2019

Awesome! Great time looks like! I sure wish all the great seasons didn’t have to hit at the same time. Wake up every morning this time of year contemplating weather I want to go saltwater fishing or climb in a treestand or be responsible and head to the combine. So far the combine has won every day.
Slow hunt today (day 3) but we got to have two Canadian Thanksgiving dinners with two wonderful Albertan families.

The birds are not here like they usually are, but some might have showed up today. A front is moving through tonight with rain/snow. There are still lots of birds up north, so hopefully they show up in the next couple of days.

Bonus for today - we saw a moose!



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Day 5 was a bust.

Day 6 was a bonanza.


On the way to Calgary airport and home. This was another great trip, and it’s bittersweet leaving. We made new friends this year and visited old ones who have become like family. We had some great hunts. Yesterday afternoon in the middle of nowhere I witnessed the largest amount of birds I’ve ever seen. Ducks and geese everywhere with more arriving every minute. There were easily 20,000 birds on one hill in one field. I’ll see if I can upload the video later.

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As I watched your video a random thought crossed my mind. (Most thoughts are random in MY mind.) If those birds are like the Canadian Geese at our golf club, That must be some of the most fertile land on earth when they leave. :)
Wow, Alberta has been on my bucket list for years.I have 47 years of duck stamps with my name on them with a few trips to Canada.I still duck hunt but things have changed in Ohio and not for the good.After becoming a property owner I am still trying to get that one special but buck so have cut back on ducks.I also collect decoys from Ohio,Pa and long point Ontario carvers.