Alberta 2018


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I’m up in Alberta for the third time hunting waterfowl. This has become an absolute highlight of the year for me for numerous reasons. The hunting is great, the scenery is beautiful, and the people are as nice as you will meet anywhere.

It’s been cold up here and there aren’t as many birds as there usually are, but we managed to get on some ducks yesterday. The morning hunt wasn’t setup correctly...the birds kept flaring at something. We had a good time and shot a couple.

A front moved through moved through starting midday that produced weather these 3 South Carolinians are not used to - 50+ mph winds with freezing rain/snow. It was cold and miserable but produced an awesome afternoon hunt. We found two different flocks of 500-1000 mallards within 5 minutes of the house we are staying with. A quick plan was hatched and we bundled up with every bit of cold weather gear that we own.

Long story made shorter - we set up on a slough with a few decoys and the wind at our backs. The ducks trickled in but most were landing behind us in a slough several hundred yards away. I decided to trudge over there in my waders and see what I could find. I jumped up a couple hundred birds and just waited for them to return.

After an hour I was done. 7 mallards and one blue wing teal - not pictured.


Day 2 starts in just a few minutes...

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Beautiful pics and a great adventure . Any geese up there? Such a trip is on my list...maybe next year. Good luck
Beautiful pics and a great adventure . Any geese up there? Such a trip is on my list...maybe next year. Good luck

Not nearly as many geese this year as previous years. September was very cold up here and it moved the birds south 3 weeks earlier than usual.

We’ve seen lots of snows in pockets but very few specks and Canada’s.
We were north of Winnipeg the first week of October. Very strange year. Had about 6 inches of snow on the ground and snowed every day we were up there. Had 1 good day of a duck shoot. Geese were pretty tough to decoy. Did end up shooting 3 specks which was pretty strange. Plenty of canadas around but they wouldnt decoy. Not very many snows either.

Did shoot a banded mallard there that was banded 45 miles from my house in 2017.