Alberta 2017


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First morning of a 6 day hunt:


3 guns - 14 specks, 9 Canadas, 2 snowgeese, 5 mallards.

Staying and hunting with friends.

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Awesome. Just got back from Manitoba yesterday, had a great time duck and goose hunting. Still learning the tricks of the trade. Field hunting is pretty new, always hunted water until last year.
Day 2 - woke up to snow on the ground. Didn’t see many geese this morning but managed to shoot a few ducks. Had tons of ducks in a slough behind our setup and put the sneak on them - got a wigeon and 2 greenheads.

Drove around the farms this afternoon scouting for tomorrow and saw a little slough with about 500 ducks on it. Jumped them off it and setup for an afternoon shoot. Anyone who likes waterfowl would have been in awe. Geese everywhere. Ducks everywhere. Beautiful sunset. Two of us shot 8 mallards, a pintail, and a green wing teal. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.
I was up 1.5 hours north of edmonton moose hunting in Sept. the waterfowl was insane. Had hard time hearing moose at times

I’ve got a flooded timber duck hunt and a speckled belly hunt booked in Stutgard AR Jan. Cant wait. Your pictures were awesome and got me pumped
I'm not a goose hunter but there is some fabulous goose hunting in our area. There are lots of Canada geese in the fall of course, thousands and thousands and there is also the snow geese migration in the spring. Here are three pics I took during one hunting season here.
close geesea.jpg



They fly over our barn on their way into town. Their voices wake us up and we run outside and we can see for miles and there is just flock after flock after flock steadily coming. Even though we are not goose hunters it is a surreal beautiful event to experience and it usually means that winter has broke!