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Had this deer show back up after a couple months of anticipation. I know it would be helpful to get more pics but any idea? Central IL.

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Night pic can be deceiving. 5.5 + with belly, shortened legs, bulky neck. Great buck. Goodlluck. Kissing in the high 150s at least based on this shot.
I think it is safe to say that you should age him by his teeth and score him with a tape... Gosh what a deer!!! :eek:
He is old enough and I will bet you a soda pop that he scores more than a lot of the others think he does. 300# body makes that bone on his head look smaller than one would think. Long beams, decent tine length and carries his length all the way out thru his 4's. He appears to have good mass as well. My guess is he would push Boone depending on his width. After you kill him let us know what the tape says.
Also, if your time is right on the camera, you may be able to kill that buck on an evening hunt. Looks like right at sunset by the time but picture is showing a little darker.
Ironically I sat in the stand on the evening of the 13th and checked my card immediately following. Time is right. I could shoot until about 7:00pm... that number going down each day. As he stands in this photo, he'd be 12 yards. I will post two other deer that showed up on the 13th during shooting hours... needless to say I'm excited to hunt this stand again.
Looks like you have a couple dandy's showing up. If you play everything right and don't blow that stand site up I believe you will get on one of those big boys.