Age Guesses Please


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This stud showed up this past Monday. Never caught him on cameras before so I am guessing that he is just passing through looking for some girls to hang out with but I sure hope he decides to stay!
I am terrible at the age guessing game, I am thinking 4-1/2, what do you guess him at?

Edit: I got this photo of him back on the 5th of November. He sure looks a bit heavier in this photo. I am just excited that a buck of this caliber is hanging around my hunting grounds. This photo is a pretty far from the daylight photo above.

Last edited: this time of year they are all starting to thin out some from running not stop for several, he likely had a big gut in October, but not so much now.
I would agree with 4.5 I know I have numerous bucks on camera that were 30-50 pounds heavier just a month ago. Hard to determine age off of the saggy belly etc right now. I have a couple of old fat boys that are still holding some weight but we have also had the slowest rut I can remember in my area.
That buck looks worn out. He's been rutting hard. Probably has lost a good 25% of body mass. I'd put him at 4.5+.

What a stud. Gorgeous rack.
Look at the color of his tarsal gland - yep he has been running hard for sure.

I would think 4.5 year old. Believe he is a base 10 pointer. Be nice to give him a ride to the nearest taxidermist. ;)
I agree that it appears that he has been on the go for quite some time now. I bet when he decides the party is over he will be hanging very close to a good food source and sleeping in!
Thanks for the replies fellas!