Survivors thread...

You had some nice pics earlier, what happened to those big guys?

We had 2 big ones and harvested them both. Son got one during muzzleloader and I got mine during rifle. Pics are in my habitat thread.

And a third one that would have been nice next year was harvested by a neighbor.
Various other bucks...some pics have some of the featured deer in them...










And one of my favorite pics shows “10” after a doe...


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Do you not have coons or are they unable to access that feeder?
That is great! What are you feeding them? Do you feed year round? I have 350 acres and the four mature bucks on camera all were killed this year. One by us and three by the neighbors. Last year, we also had four mature bucks and three of them were killed.

We have numerous small land owner neighbors- 10/30 acres. they all legally bait and really pull the the bucks and are efficient at killing them all. I don’t bait except for camera surveys. Next year I am going to. If you can’t beat them- join them.
Corn and rice bran. 1000 lbs week...I feed until they stop coming to corn which is around green up. I use mineral blocks for summer census and then I start feeding again when lush vegetation starts getting tough around July/August. Most of these bucks will disappear until late July-September and all of a sudden be there daily...fall is great!
A fine looking group of survivors. We don't have a deer left that will be a shooter next year. Maybe something new will show up!
It’s just a thread showing what bucks survived the season. They don’t have to be shooters...I am really excited about some of the young deer even though most wont be ready to take for 2-3 more years...
image.jpeg image.jpeg I have pics of a couple that survived. The long tined eight that mostly shows at night, and another that should be ripe next year.
I'm still holding my breath. We are getting down to the end here. A little over 3 weeks left to go. My neighbors have done a number on them this year. To my knowledge they have taken 10 bucks all 2.5 or younger. We're going to be hurting next year unless something new shows up. The shooters we had on camera have all been harvested. But just because they make it through the season doesn't mean they don't get killed during turkey season. Our bucks don't drop until late March or April. I'm missing 4 bucks that I got pictures of into turkey season last year that never showed back up. Go figure.
Can those coons eat from that feeder?
I'm interested in the answer, I just bought one for my lease. I'm gonna fence the hogs out, but I'm concerned about the coons. I guess I could get a "coon cone" like you put on a nesting box pole.
Oh yes...they can eat from crooked


As can the turkeys...


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Mighty nice of the coons to let the deer feed once in a whileo_O. I guess I'll try the "coon cone" on the post when I put it up and see if that helps.
Something that seems to help is to take a 5 gallon bucket and slide up over the leg of the feeder through a hole in bottom then put a bolt through leg to hold bucket but you want bucket to spin.Another thing guys swear by is to put Vaseline on the legs.They say twice a year will keep them off
Got a few survivors on camera. It looks like the one in the back might have dropped his right side.

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