age guess please

Jeff H

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This is a deer that was shot yesterday in SW Missouri about 11 am while chasing does. The hunter (friend of a friend) had never seen this deer before. I guess there is no substitute for time in the woods.
Anyway the guy that sent me the picture was wondering how old I thought it was. I'm horrible at ageing past 3.5. Maybe because I see so few of them. Any age guesses ?
All but impossible to tell from that photo and not knowing deer from the area. But I feel safe in saying 4 or older and if I had to guess I'd say 5 or older.

Congrats to the hunter.
I would agree that the picture I have makes it tough, but it's the only one I was sent. Thanks for the help guessing.
The way his neck goes so fully to the bottom of his chest and the massiveness of his shoulders puts that deer at older than I'm used to seeing. The few 4 1/2's I've seen look younger than him. But as mentioned one picture with a deer in that pose and the hunter behind him makes him extra tough to age.
Picture and lack of knowledge about deer size in that area make a sure guess impossible but I would say certainly 5 or over. Ive never seen a buck like that before.