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Just talked to a guy that does ag lime, he is the only one I know of that will deliver and spread in my area. He is going to get back to me next week with a firm quote, but he said it should cost $50-$55 per ton to deliver and spread 10 tons. I thought that sounded reasonable but thought I'd ask here.
That'd be a good to great price for my area. Typically, the co ops don't want to mess with non-ag applications here. That'd be a pretty good rate even if it involved the spreader rental route which requires spreading yourself. I'd say go for it
I've kinda lost track of the lime industry, but after swirling some numbers around in my head I'd say linme FOB the quarry is $12 - $20 a ton depending on type (in my experience wet is cheaper than dry lime and dolomitc is more expensive than calcitic),. Add $4 or $5 a mile(quary to your place) for deliver and spreading.
I paid $100 a ton, saved a lot of time and labor, $50 is a good deal.

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I think it's a great price I would do cartwheels if I could get it for that price.
The local MFA coop here in Missouri quoted me in April $24 a ton or $28 ton delivered and spread with a 12 ton minimum.
As you can see above, this can vary widely, depending on your proximity to a source and whether you can get a supplier to deliver and spread it in small quantities. A few years ago we had it delivered and spread for $90/ton for 6 tons total. High compared to some places, but, to my knowledge, there are no natural sources of limestone nearby. This spring we were told we couldn't get less than 25tons delivered. Fortunately, our soil tests said we were still good but in the future we will have to look into having our farmer lime our plots when he does the rest of the fields.
The last time I added ag-lime was in 2013. It cost me $13.50/ton for the lime, $16/ton for delivery (22-26 ton minimum - a full truckload) and $4/ton for rental of the spreader. That is $33.50 per ton just to get it. I also had time and fuel expenses to go pick up and return the spreader plus time and tractor fuel to spread it. $50/ton would have been a bargain.
If you're looking for smaller quantities, Tractor Supply just started their annual sale on pellitized lime, $3 per 40# bag.
Well, it's a "no go".......guy was afraid he would scratch his "$150,000 truck".........seriously.

Kept talking about overhanging limbs (which we offered to remove before delivery) bumping his mirrors, etc.....he suggested we have a dump truck bring in a load of lime screening and spread it with a front end loader.......

Found out during conversation that he was planning on bringing in lime screenings instead of ag lime.

I knew I was in trouble when he showed up to go look at the plots in an ironed button up and khakis.

On the up side, got a brief look at three bucks as they ran across one of my roads, one of them looked pretty good. Pulled the camera cards and found this.

Where about in Ok are you trying to get lime? I had 24 tons delivered from Mo for around 500., rented a spreader from the fert supplier. This was near Chouteau.
North of Hominy in Osage Co.

I can get ag lime about 25-30 miles from me, but getting it spread is the problem.
It would be a bit of a drive, but the lime buggy is towable with a pickup, pretty cheap to rent.
Let me know if you want the contact info. They charge by the ton spread on the honor system.
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