Acorn Collection Question


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I guess acorns qualify as fruit .

There are several DCOs around my office. A couple of them are loaded with acorns. When should I collect them?

I read some stuff online that suggested picking them before they drop. Is it best to pick them or wait until they drop?
I've done both with success big thing is toss any the have tiny pin holes or any that fail a float test. If pull from the tree be sure the acorn pulls freely from the cap or your to early.
I collect from a local park--mainly burs and Schuettes. I keep a close eye and as soon as a few start dropping then I collect them off the tree. Don't want to collect to early. Once they are on the ground it doesn't take long for the worms to get them. When they are ready they pull off the tree really easy. I'll even take my kids and shake a branch and they grab the ones that fall off.