Acorn collection


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Starting to collect next years nuts.

Burgamble - my property is 200 miles away in northern Michigan and I am pretty certain that they would not be there next week as the animals collect the nuts before they fall off! These are from 3 trees all over 20 years old and beginning to produce heavy. I picked about 60% of the nuts.

burgamble medium cropped.jpg Burgamble meduim1.jpg Burgamble medium2.jpg

Bimundor - These are from a local Detroit metro tree and I have planted them in northern Michigan where they are 15 years old and have yet to produce much. Tough trees and the animals love them.

bimundor medium cropped1.jpg bimundor medium cropped2.jpg
I try to wait until I can get the acorn from the cap without force to ensure they are mature enough to be viable for planting. I know some oak species make that very difficult. I do like getting them directly off the tree however and not off the ground.....I find those on the ground tend to have a much higher fall-out rate when I float test them. I can also ensure which oak I have the acorns from if I get them right off the tree. But I also understand folks get them however they can and that is just fine. I need to go check one of my favorite SWO trees come to think of it and see if it's ready.......
The burgamble have been producing for 4 or 5 years. One year, the animals got them before me. Another year I was monitoring the trees daily. One day they were there, the next day, 90% were gone and I only found one nut on the ground. I have been lucky to have around 95% germination. I will be checking them again in 4 days or so to see if any are left. I am thankful that the quantity of acorns is getting to the point where the animals and I can share and I can afford to wait longer!!
Most of the bimundor came from the ground and some of them have squirrel teeth holes in them.
I have one tree that looks like an SWO, but it only has about 3 nuts that did not look fully formed. The nuts from the tree produce hardy offspring, grow well, and are drought resistant.
So, I am at the point where there may be a second generation of nut production from both the SWO and burgamble soon.