9/18/16 - Sawtooths and Rain


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Yesterday was one of those days that was just a good day. I'll skip lots of good stuff though and go straight to the afternoon deer stand.

September 18 historically has been a good hunting day for one main reason: sawtooth oaks are dropping like crazy. It's also firmly in the pre-rut as well. Yesterday I got in the stand at 5:58 PM and had to scare a couple of deer out from under the oak grove before the hunt even technically started.

I was in the stand for about 30 minutes before the skies unexpectedly opened up. It poured for 15-20 minutes, and I was in an uncovered stand. Needless to say, I looked like a drowned rat. However, while I was getting soaked I took great pleasure in watching a big ol' gobbler enjoy the rain about as much as I did. He was in the field in front of me when the rain started, and when the downpour truly commenced he started running around through the grass like a complete spaz. He finally settled down under a big sawtooth, where he stayed until the rain stopped. At least I had a buddy to share the misery with.

When the rain stopped, I saw a rainbow and then a giant of a buck stepped out. I knew immediately that he was a shooter, but I had already committed to giving him one more year. I call him Caribou Buck (I don't typically name bucks), and I've been watching him for 4 seasons now. He's grown into a majestic buck with a rack outside the ears, very tall, and very thick. He ate sawtooth acorns for a few minutes while I hyperventilated and cursed myself for having management goals.

After he eased off a bunch of does, fawns, and young bucks came out. I couldn't really see them well because my binoculars were saturated from the rain, so I just watched them from a far. I slipped out at dark and headed home. Great day.

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Sawtooths, big bucks, gobblers, and rain. Thats the core of any great story. :D
Great story cutman! Felt like I was there. I admire you for hunting in this heat. Too freakin hot for me but the deer sure don't mind. Great rain event Sunday afternoon that came thru our place and over to you.