4 Years in the making...


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We got him on camera again on both farms this year... he moved back in for good mid-October. This is a deer we had multiple encounters with and never could seal the deal. Was a great story to put to rest. If only we could hear the stories this 7-8 year old buck could tell .....

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Triple C

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Congrats on sealing the deal with a bruiser of a buck made even more special with years of history with him! Great story as well.

Native Hunter

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Just an awesome deer and story. Congratulations.

What kind of land use is in between those farms 5 miles apart...woods, agriculture, etc..?


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That’s a great buck, even more special that you had that history. My biggest whitetail bow buck was killed two minutes after I first laid eyes on him. While he’s a nice buck, there’s not much story to tell or remember. Your story will be remembered forever. Congrats !


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Congrats on a great buck and a great story! Most of the ones I have had stories with died of old age . Glad yours was a happy ending!


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The picture from your stand that morning is flat out surreal!! One in a million as was your deer adventure. Awesome!

Cedar Ridge

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Congrats on a great buck and a super cool story! Everything I do on my farm month after month is meant to increase the chances of something like this happening. Absolutely love this.