1st bow deer ever

Our club is like subleasing. Few rules beyond state regs and each member gets a nice area all to themselves. Great club. None of the drama, all of the fun.

My bride is my hunt buddy. Her setup is at the back of a sandridge, mine is on the front right edge of it closer to a big area of regenerating cypress and oak. She has already harvested a doe and a nice wild boar with her gun this fall.

Hurricane matthew put the waccamaw river level so high that the club road was hip high under water even at its high points. We couldnt set foot on the land for a month.

My bride used her jeep and a hand saw to clear enough of the road's fallen trees on thursday this week so we could hunt. Huge assist on this deer for her!

This young buck came out at 9am and i took a quartering away shot. He laid down and died about 50 yards from the stand but i gave him 90minutes before getting down.
Congrats on the bow kill and your wife for clearing the road. I know you are both excited. I agree that any harvest with a bow is a trophy!
Way to go man. Thats a super deer. And sounds like a great shot. My first bow kill was a 50 lb doe and it remains special to me.
And if i choose to kill a spike tomorrow, it's legal and my business.
Grin away. :D
My wife topped me Sunday morning with her .243. She harvested a doe at daylight, dragged it out of the sight herself, and then busted her own six point at 9 AM. LOL. She has harvested a buck, two does, a boar, and a sow so far. I've advised her to hold out for a bullwinkle now. LOL. Same for me.
Size doesn't matter on anyones first deer with a bow, it is a trophy no matter what!
It's all about what you think is a trophy. I've only been hunting a few years. I killed a doe on Saturday. I passed on probably 30 deer throughout the week, blew it on a few bucks, and finally decided to take a shot. With all the time, effort, and money we spend the only that that is important is what is fun to you.
Congrats W33Kender. I remember them all, but the first one is always the most special.
Backstraps into sausage :eek: that should be against some rule or something.
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I love bowhunting. The day after this harvest, two different does busted me trying to come to full draw. LOL. Advantage....deer! I just laughed to myself and chalked it up to a learning experience. I really don't get discouraged as an older fart.

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments, folks. It means a lot to me to be a part of this kind and gracious online community.
Congrats. It's been a few years since I have shot anything with my bow though I have shot plenty of different animals over the years. Bow hunting is special to me. This year I have been hunting very hard with it and not yet had the opportunity to release. I just don't get that feeling anymore with rifle. Now muzzleloader still does but rifle and shotgun not so much. Awesome job and congrats!!!