151 and counting. ..

I would encourage everyone to post more than you normally would right now. Over the last decade of participating in forums..... I've seen several instances where a group of folks, for whatever reason, usually upset about something...would break off from the original group and form a new forum. Most everyone of them gets a flurry of action in the beginning and then dies out. If everyone sits back and is complacent about it right now then that is what will happen to this one. You guys who are coming over from the other forum who usually don't post much.....now is your time to break into the conversation. Ask questions.....post pictures.....tell stories. It would be easy to let what happened on the other forum take the wind out of your sail, but now is the time push that much harder if you want to continue to have a resource like the one we just had yanked out from under us.
I have been reaching out wherever I can to those displaced by the QDMA fall-out. I know many went to Habitat-Talk (I was a member there before the QDMA eviction). Hope that's OK!
I am pleased with the people that have joined this forum. I contacted many users I knew on the old forum. I am a member on HT too. I signed up there two years ago when I got active on the disappearing forum. I have friends that went that way with the closing of this one. I will post some over on HT to maintain contact with those friends, however, you will see most of time and threads will be here.
I am hopeful that users over there will try to make me feel welcome. Back in 2014 the traffic on the two forums was worlds apart.
I can say I have tried to reach our by conversation with many of you that signed on here.
If I missed someone - it has been a crazy, fast time. You can reach out to me as well.:D
I have been on HT since its inception a couple of years ago and a couple of outdoor forums, wish we could all be under one roof, but I will stay active on all as I have "family" all over the dang country! Just as I will try to contribute here as well.
We are up to 300 now. Great job, everyone. We continue to have a very large number of guests visiting the site.

To all guests: please register and become members. There are no stupid questions. We need people to ask the basic questions so that we can rebuild the searchable database we are about to lose at QDMA.
Folks we are approaching 400 users. If you are a guest & reading this post, make the jump and become a user. Log in - we want to welcome you to this community.

If you are a forum member reading this, contact three of your friends and invite them to join or come look around. The admins & moderators have tweaked things nicely - they will find subjects of interest to them. :)

If you are a reader but hesitant to post - 19 out of 20 regular posters worked through the process. Make a post of what you do or ask a question. It is wise to ask for help and direction. Many here will share their experience with you.