100 Acres in West By God Virginia

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The family recently (two years ago this spring) purchased 100 acres it is an old tobacco farm which is long and narrow but opens up on the northern end. I have hunted this property two seasons.

The first was a wing it kind of season didn't get much scouting in but managed to kill a doe and two bucks one retarded deer and one that was a 4 boing one sided deer that broke his other antler off.

The following year I planted a late season plot which throw and grow which did pretty good for what it was and have always had a feeder with corn.

This year I am upping my game. I will be killing off weeds (milkweed ragweed etc) and tilling ground adding fertilizer (though not much is needed I have great dirt) and planting clover brassicas wheats and possibly turnips I will also scout it really well this year in the off season prior to hunting season starting with hunting sheds walking the property finding their trails I have pulled topo maps and satellite imagery I will be improving the trails as needed and hinge cutting where necessary to steer them where I want them to go. I have a nice saddle I am going to place an elevated blind that I will build in the spring.
Here is a photo of the property the stand I have been using is where the food plot and feeder is which is green

Here is my 2016 Buck

I'm pretty new at all of this so any help is greatly appreciated

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Welcome aboard Combat. My internet sux at the moment thanks to the weather I guess, so I can't get completed download. Awesome buck. Land looks like a great lay out. I'm guessing with lower elevations, you are in panhandles or western WV?
Did notice you mentioned weeds/ragweed. Deer love that stuff so consider not having monoculture food plots but a mixture of planted and so called weeds. Brassica, WR, WW, red and white clovers , and chicory do great here. I love brassica for their mid-late season attraction. Was at the farm today and my WW, WR were still green under the snow. Clovers and alfalfa were a bit worn down.
Read Lickcreek/LC/Paul Knox threads. There is a thread on here reposting his thots. His forum page is more involved. Hard to beat his thots and most who got to read him miss him a bunch since his death.
Good luck, and keep pics coming.
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Thanks for the advice dogghr maybe that's why I've done so well in the back field there is little to zero pressure from humans in the area I do have to work on thinning out the yotes though yes I'm in western WV near Ohio and KY

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I miss the hunting and fishing in WBGV :). Spent my residency years there, and enjoyed it immensely, the game animals...not so much.
Look at your property to see what your greatest needs are. Cover is equally important to food. If you can section off at least 20 thick acres as a sanctuary where everyone stays completely out (except once or twice during the off season for habitat work) it will pay great dividends.
There is a good section I stay out of that I think they bed in I will hopefully find out here soon when I go and poke around

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I had forgotten about your property tour...lol...any updates!
BTW WV has some of the weirdest shaped properties. Here in Oklahoma most everything is square, rectangular, or triangular...
Don't be too hard on the ragweed, leave some for the deer, they love it! Nice looking property and buck!
My property is basically a funnel with the smallest end at the front opening up in the back lots of big mature Oakes on the ridge on the left side

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welcome to the forum! SE is where the farm is located for me. I love following guys who have similar terrain to my own!

Looking forward to more updates.