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Discussion in 'Property Tours' started by weekender21, Jan 1, 2018.

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    I think you are in love, with your place. Really looks awesome and glad you got to escape miserable Hawaii. LOL. Can't beat the mountains for hunts, always feel like wilderness, and in some ways for today it is. I hunt against a 4000 ft mountain but unlike you my place sits at half that elevation so weather is somewhat more tolerant. Those winds you speak required a repair to my old barn doors. Thanks for showing and glad you had a great trip.
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    I’m with you on the mountains. I’ve got some elevation changes to deal with and some decent climbs to get to some stands. However, it’s hard to beat all the hollars, benches, ridges and secondary ridges. The topography and remoteness seem to protect many of the lower age class bucks. No shortage of places for them to hide.

    My neighbors (and most hunters) hammer the nice 2yo’s and the occasional 3yo. Enough make it through to leave several mature bucks to go after.

    I forgot to ask my taxidermist to save the jaw bone on the buck I killed this year and it was already mixed in the pile when I called. A couple of my friends also killed bucks that we should have aged the jaw bones on and weighed. This will be a requirement going forward.
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