Youth Bow Recommendations


I have four boys, aged 11, 9, 7 & 5. My 11 year old is ready for a "real bow". I'd like to get him something adjustable so the bow can be adjusted as he grows and then can be handed down as he upgrades. I've been out of the bow shopping market for a while. Any recommendations on adjustable bows from the better manufacturers?

I have a diamond by bowtech, which I love and have heard nothing but good reviews for the diamond infinity edge. Adjustable 13-30 inches and 5-70lbs and priced around 350 ready to shoot. I plan to by one for my son soon.
I agree with the Diamond infinite edge. At 11 years old you can buy this bow and it will grow with him. I know several adults that have purchased this bow simply on its merits as a very accurate short axel bow. It may have been developed as a "youth" bow but it's far beyond that.
As a father of four boys you have to see the cost advantage of buying them 1 really good bow each and being done.

I have a couple of used Bowtech youth model bows that I would sell. I held on to them for awhile in hopes that my step-daughter and wife might get more into bowhunting but never really happened. I will have to check and see what the models are.
We started our boys on the Bowtech Diamond Edge with great success. As I recall, it went from 35-50lbs and a similar youth friendly draw length adjustability. They both shot multiple hogs and deer with 3555 GT Hunters and 85 grain broadheads. When they outgrew the Edge, they graduated to my older Bowtechs (Allegiance and Guardian). It was the best money I ever spent and resulted in countless hours of quality time shooting and hunting together.
My son, 13, is shooting a Bear Cruiser. Its their youth model and has lots of adjustment. We like it so far.
just got the infinite edge for my sons 9th birthday - he loves and so do I - lotsa adjustability and ease!
I have the older Diamond Razor Edge and it shoots great. The newer Diamond Infinite Edge is even more adjustable and would be my recommendation.
You won't be disappointed with the Infinite Edge Pro. I got one for my 7yr old and he loves it and shoots it well, I love it because it is a piece of cake to adjust and should last him for many years.