Your biggest..........

Merle Hawggard

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Let's see your biggest anything, within reason of course. I'll start with my biggest white oak.20160825_120040.jpeg

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Merle looks like you've got a nasty patch of Sericea Lespedeza growing in that picture...hopefully it's your neighbor's :D
What's the DBH of that oak tree?

That looks like a B&C Mantis to me as well:D
I'll have to measure it the next time I go up. I think I have a red oak that's bigger too. I wanted to pick up that mantis, but was worried she'd eat my hand off.

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We have some monsterous cottonwoods on our place as well. Dont have any pictures of them, but next time I am walking by I will try and take a picture.
I used to have some big cottonwoods......used to have.....they met the timber man!!!! Didn't make me much money but made me smile once I got rid of them....:D

Biggest tree on my place now is a northern red oak.....don't have any pictures.....only reason he is still there is because to get him out is going to take some determination......I guess his value has not reached that point yet!
Biggest bear I ever baited in

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I have 1 - yes only 1 white oak on my entire place, so it is easily my biggest:p. It's about 30" DBH and is absolutely worthless from a timber perspective. Can't get even am 8' log out of it. It's a pretty sporadic acorn producer as well. So I now use it to collect acorns to direct seed all over my place when I can get a few. I have seen 1 good crop of acorns off this tree in nearly 20 years.
white oak.jpg

Here is the biggest buck I have captured on trail cam back in 2012. He ain't a monster, but I would have loved to have put his butt on my wall.....he got me up out of bed a few morning I would have otherwise slept in, but I never laid eyes on him. The "tree" in the back was my first attempt at the "scrape tree" thing as well.

Only way I can have the biggest of anything would be biggest Johnsongrass or Canada thistle patch or maybe the largest single plant of Japanese bush honeysuckle!:eek:

OK, I'm depressed now......:(