You'll shoot your eye out kid.....

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Great camera spot Steve,
We had a log just like that in our woods. It was named Frankie's log. A very young Frankie back then shot his first ever deer there. We sat together on the ground with the log as a backrest. As the buck walked around the end of the log, Frankie bagged his first deer with a perfect shot. What a great memory that is.

A log like that offers a sure thing for a new hunter on the right day.
Steve - We may have his twin brother if he made it through last season. Got our 1st pic of him in 2016 when he was 2.5. Got pics of him every year since up until mid October of last year and no pics since. He has always been a regular during the summer months. Very easy to identify with same blind left eye as yours. I'll try and post up some pics this evening.