Working on some turkey pot calls


939DCECB-3F49-4E9C-82B2-4BBF25D80895.jpeg 5BCCD050-2F98-4973-B246-D0A1867F4C1F.jpeg I have been making turkey pot calls since 2002, and have got my combo dialed in to where they are working really well for everyone.

My cedar was cut by my grandfather and uncle in the 1980’s on their 1890’s retro fitted sawmill. Lots of woodworking heritage in my family, and I am doing my best to see that the tradition lives on for many years to come with as many folks as will have a call hunt along with them.

I am making ceramic over slate two siders, with the 3 1/2” side being ceramic and the 1” side being slate. I like using the 1” side especially for purring them in the last 60 yards with the call on my lap; sound holes up.

I do use the same design to make slate over slate and aluminum over slate pots, but I prefer how the ceramic puts up with the moisture on humid mornings.

My staple striker is a purpleheart peg with a murado head, and my secondary striker is a webbwood peg with a murado or purpleheart head.

I started making turkey calls without a lathe, so that is where I came around with the octagon shape. It has since become my signature to pick my pot out of a crowd, so I habe stuck with it; just working the insides now on the lathe, and helping with sanding by mounting it up.

I don’t mass produce my calls, so my wait list is a couple months. So, now’s the time I get my to-do list stacked up so I can get folks lined out in time for their seasons.

Please send me a message if you are interested. Thank you all for the support. The stories that come from my deer grunts and turkey calls keep me heading back to the shop year-round.
Sounds like a plan gents. I will get you put down on my to do list. I will send you a message about details later tonight. Thanks much!
I’m out of town but looking forward to seeing mine when I return. Thanks!
Bought turkey calls for my sons with slate on one side and glass on the other from a guy in Grain Valley, MO on the old QDMA forum. The son that basically lives in the woods during turkey season loves that call. Wouldn't mind adding to the collection with one of yours. PM me your contact info and website if you have one.