Winter Wheat

Those must be some doozies when it comes to food plots.

Nothing too gigantic - several in the five to eight acre range and a number of smaller ones. This is my favorite - about eight acres - scattered native pecan. Does there off and on most of the day. Rarely see a buck. This place is the exception to the rule of if you have does, sooner or later, the bucks will show up. Not the case with this food plot.
Great looking plot.We don't plant winter wheat in the spring.Almost wish we did as it's so dry that the wheat didn't do much more than sprout.About the same in my plots as the fields.I usually plant ag crop 2 weeks after farmer does so that its a little more palatable.My radishes died a month ago due to lack of moisture and corn is all gone
Geneva is Balmy - for upstate NY - but your soil temp chart is great - really shows what a short growing period we have up north, especially if that is Geneva - not much room for error - especially with crops like corn.
I'd plant small grain in early spring, rather than late fall, yes, it'll probably germinate in late fall, but won't really have any growth to speak of, it'll just sit there stunted all winter. I'll plant small grain around March fifteenth in zone 6b, by April first it'll be up four inches and doing better than if I'd planted in October. Rule of thumb for me, if I can't plant cool season crops at least a month before our first frost date it's not worth putting out the seed.
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