Will this work?


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Thinking about trying something new this summer. I was at the Coop the other day and I ordered a 50 lbs bag of buckwheat and 100 lbs of Buck Forage Oats. I have 1.5 acres of newly expanded plot back in February that I wanted to plant into immediately so I threw down Red and White clover seed and WR seed. The clover is slowly establishing and the WR is starting to come on now but hasn't shot up yet. My plan is to let the WR mature and let the deer and turkeys use it as nesting and fawning cover and then sometime in June I was going to broadcast Buckwheat and BFO into it and mow the dead rye down over it. I am doing this to keep something growing all summer and to help the soil and feed summertime deer. I have heard BFO is highly utilized by deer up until frost so I will probably replant it come September into radishes, clover and WW/WR again.

Does this sound like a good plan for a summertime plot and soil health?
sure. Oats might struggle in the heat but if you get the moisture that late the buckwheat will do great. Here in Oklahoma 9 out of 10 times my oat overwinter just fine. Only time I lose them is when we have ice on the ground for an extended period of time.
Okie...One of the few BOB seeds we plant in the fall every year is BFO. I swear...deer devour them and keep devouring them all winter long. Can't speak to your area of OK, but down here, I wouldn't plant before late September. Maybe someone else in your area that has planted BFO's can weigh in on the time of year to plant in your area.
Thanks guys. I will save them for fall and just plant buckwheat and sunflower seed into the dried down dead rye grain for the summer, should work out great for a summer forage along with all the clover!