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Got my order in from the wildlife group this evening. Ordered 5 pear trees to me 4 out 5 looked good with one only being about 2 feet tall.

At shipping time they took 10 dollars off two trees for them being smaller and truthfully I thought it was just one. So overall have ordered from them two years in a row and had great overall experiences with them in case anyone was considering ordering with them.
past few years ,I have planted bare roots by the hundreds

Next november, I will give these fellows a try

Neahawg, please keep us posted on your experience

I have 4 pears coming from Wildlife group in March. This will be my first order from them. I'll post when I receive.
Ive ordered from TWG 3 years in a row. Very happy with them and definitely great customer service. They quickly replaced some trees that were damaged by the trucking company when they broke a pallet last yr