Wifi Cameras


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Curious if anyone has looked into or tried setting up a WiFi around there property and if it works at all? I have been looking at the Aytstone wifi extender but not sure how well it works, my house is almost on the highest point of my property which all my food plots are about 500yds of my house, then maybe look at an outdoor solar powered camera? Thoughts....
Is there a reason you wouldn’t just use a cellular cam? These connect to your cell plan and send pics directly to your phone. This could be another option?

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I spend $100 per month currently running my cell cams and I just thought if there is a better option it would pay off in less than 2yrs for what i spend today.
I would love for a good Wi-Fi option to exist, but I don’t think we are there yet. I run a cellular cam for security but all the other ones are just plain ol trail cameras with SD cards. Very interested in this topic, but haven’t found anything great yet…
Cuddeback has a system of connected camera's called CuddeLink, but they are EXPENSIVE.