Who's planted ditches/culvert areas. I need some advice.

John D

117037961_10219252968848897_7782025589856939763_n.jpg 117037961_10219252968848897_7782025589856939763_n.jpg 117159018_10219252968688893_8949456434010274630_n.jpg Anyone every plant ditches? So I have about 2 acres food plots I’m planting that are roadside and ditches. On the high areas I’m going to rototill seed with 100 lbs of oats and rye along with some mixed white clovers. Which I will drag after the cereal goes down and cultipack after the clover. Problem is I have these ditches which are going to be hard to prep and plant. I really can’t disturb the ditch bottoms as I don’t have a lot of grade and finally got everything to drain properly. Anyone have an ideal on how to plant these? I was thinking about using a not till mix and rolling it in with a roller.
I've only done habitat manipulation around ditches to improve desirable native species but not planting of plots. However, planting near a ditch should be no different than anywhere else - except that you are in wetter ground and you likely need to be more concerned about erosion. My advice would be to plant water loving shrubs like red osier dogwood at the edges of the ditches to prevent erosion and do the plotting a few feet away from the ditches.

PS: Sometimes what you kill is more important than what you plant.