Best roller or cultipacker for atv

They look about equal according to their price. I like the rib design of the more expensive one, but don't like that it's not made of steel...
I have a packer maxx. After 6 acres I had to JB weld some busted spots. We do have fairly rocky soil.
For $500, I bet you can find an older used model with metal packing wheels.

Also, check out youtube for diy models. Most use culvert pipe and concrete
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I need to buy one of those as well this year for my ATV. I was thinking I might go with the Black Boar Implement system. Pricey, but well reviewed.. Would love a tractor like some of you guys got, but doubt that's in my cards.

Sample - You would need to add the motorized lift to give it the downward pressure, but then I could also add tines, scraper, etc.
38 lbs? Stay far away. It's almost spring. Hunt CL/FB marketplace or DIY. There's no substitute for weight.
38 lbs? Stay far away. It's almost spring. Hunt CL/FB marketplace or DIY. There's no substitute for weight.

Agreed 38# is not enough, but you then use the hydraulic 3 pt system to apply down pressure. Not sure what the final weight would be, but the reviews are solid. I guess if you only want to a cultipacker it would be overkill. I need to do a few more tasks with the system
I’m have a PackerMAXX. I destroyed the wheel kit used to transport the packer to your destination but my terrain is rocky and steep. The packer itself is great. This year I’ll transport the packer empty and fill it up at my destination. It’s an extra step but I’m only using it a few times each year.

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I just came across an add from Kunz. It's in the latest edition of Whitetail Institutes magazine. The have a cultipacker listed that is available in 48, 60 and 72 inch widths. It has cast iron wheels which are the best option. Don't know the cost, but it might be what you are loking for.
I'd pass and build my own for less. The wheels are available from several sources for a lot less than that.
So right. Anybody with some basic welder and metal chopsaw skills could build a culti-packer.
I'd buy an old one at an auction and cut it down to size for an atv before I'd buy new wheels.

The "old" cultipackers are going to weigh about 140 pounds per foot of width. The wheels are going to float separately on the shaft and the shape of the wheels, although "packer" is in the name, just firms up the soil and helps plant the seed into the ground. Packed soil is really not what you want. With some packed soils, after a heavy rain, a crust will form and not allow the tiny seeds to emerge. If you can wait and find an "old" cultipacker to buy or cut down, you will have it for the rest of your life. The one in Mennonitemans picture, might be 100 years old!

When you make a pass with a cultipacker, this is what you want your soil to look like. The cultipacker just takes the "air" out of the fluffy soil.


I cut the "pull type" hitch off this one and turned it into a 3 point hitch. It's 8 feet wide.

LOL, and you can see what the soil looked like, before cultipacking. The air was taken out of the fluffy soil, but the soil "after" is not packed down tight.

Cultipacker miss.JPG