Where to buy Chinese chestnut


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I'm looking to buy around 10 chestnut trees, and would like to get some of decent size to get a head start. Any recommendations on where to buy?
If you can wait until the spring get Chestnut Hill tress from Walmart. A lot of times they mark them way down if they don't move them. I got several Chestnut, Pear, and Persimmon tress for $4.50 ea., marked down from near $36. Two of the Chestnut tress had burs which produced 11 viable nuts. :) Keep an eye on the Chestnut Hill web site. They list spring and fall shipping date.
Order them from the Wildlife Group. You can get 36 inch bare roots for $3-4 each, year round. They will ship these in the fall, so planting them now is a good thing to do. They grow very fast, some of the ones I planted 4-5 years ago are 15+ feet tall and produced this year for the first time.