Where is the best place to buy Imox and mixing ratio?


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Seems like this is the best chemical to use on Clover/Chicory. It's also one of the hardest to find as no one carries it locally. Where are you guys buying it from?

Also what ratio are you guys using and what are you mixing it with, crop oil or AMS?
Keystone pest. Fast shipping. Crop oil and ams. 4-6 oz in as much water as it takes to spray 1 acre.
My notes say only 4oz/acre if you have chicory.

5 pints per 21-25 gallons per Raptor label
3 pints per 21-25 gallons per Nitro-surf label
OR AMS at 12-15lbs per 100 Gallons

0.25% non-ionic surfactant (1 cup/25 gallons) [Nitrosurf has surfactant]
OR 1 pint/acre crop oil
OR high surfactant oil concentrate (0.5%v/v) (1 pint/25 gallons)
It also depends a little on what you are wanting killed. If just mainly grasses, Cleth is cheap and effective. I've used Imox and its ok but probably wouldn't spend money on it again. Many weeds can just be controlled with mowing. And many of those weeds are deer friendly. But then I don't worry much of weeds or grasses in my plots. Deer told me they didn't care.
But to answer your question, I buy from Keystone and most other chemicals other than Imox from Rural King. Convenient.
Amounts are 6 oz Imox with surfactant and AMS gave me a great kill. I don't find AMS necessary but I like adding the sulphur to the crop. Good luck.
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The other day it was $250 now $295 at chemical warehouse. $150 is half of what everyone else sells it for.

Here it is, third line item on my March invoice at $150. I know it sounds cheap, so how much markup do you think the other sellers make on chemicals?
(note that I also got a 2% cash discount which makes it $147)