What's the odd these survive


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I dipped my toes into the sawtooth oak seedling mix last week. After planting a pile of acorns LLC gave me (thanks again LLC) I got to thinking I wanted to plant a few seedling sawtooths to compare growth between the two. I ordered 15 sawtooth seedling from Native nursery. The came last Thursday and I planted immediately. They looked great but I didn't realize they would be all leafed out.

It got down to 23 on thurs night, 25 friday night, and 30 last night. Is their goose cooked? I looked at them yesterday and their leaves were curled up and not looking so hot, pun intended.:)

I had that to happen with some small pear trees last year. They survived but didn't put on a lot of growth. However, they look healthy this spring. It's hard to say what will happen with your trees, but sawtooths are tough, and I think they have a chance. My pears had to make new leaves after the others died, but they did live.

PS: I'm interested with your sawtooth experiment, so report back in future years. I planted some from WG this spring and will compare to some late droppers that I already have.
In my experience, this will be a lost year for the seedlings that survived the frost, but they will bounce back next year and be fine.
If they’re short enough, you could cut the bottom out of a clear plastic bottle and put it over them. Kind of like a greenhouse effect.
deer patch, That's a good idea, they are about 2' high. I have them tubed but it was only 40 degrees at the time I planted them so it didn't have a chance to get warmed up much to keep them a bit toastier.

Thank you
They should bounce back as long as the roots didn’t freeze. I’ve only ever lost one to freeze damage. It was in the mid April deep freeze we had in 06.
I finally got a hold of a person at Nativ Nursery and he said worst case scenario is that they die back to the roots and shoot up another trunk. I hope he's right. We have 3 or 4 days in the 20s forcasted next week. Dammit Jim.