What's for dinner???

Braised venison shank


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This is a missed opportunity for most folks. One of my favorite things to do now. That marrow makes the sauce so rich! Love it!

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Wild turkey leg tacos! 10 minutes on the grill, 3 hours in the Dutch oven. Tender goodness.



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Yet another missed opportunity for most folks. You are utilizing all those good cuts! We do tacos and pulled turkey legs and thighs in BBQ sauce. Makes a great equivalent to shredded beef sandwiches!
Quick and easy Monday red beans with smoked pork and venison sausage. IMG_3063.jpegIMG_3064.jpeg


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Tomahawk ribeye on my Pit Boss pellet smoker. First time for me to ever even buy one of these expensive steaks, but the good news is, we’ll make two meals off of it. Cooked to 120* internal temp, and reverse seared on each side for two minutes each. Seasoned early this morning with Meat Church Holy Cow that you can find on Amazon. We really love these seasonings, they have multiple for different meats. It was delicious !

Yes, we gnawed the bone like cave men……and ladies. 😁