What's for dinner???

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I butterflied backstraps from a medium sized doe at 1" thick and sprinkled both sides liberally with Badia Steak Seasoning Canadian Blend, then stabbed both sides with a kitchen fork and left in fridge under saran wrap to marinate for several days. Preheated the gas grill to 450, did the first side for 4 minutes, flipped them and did the second side until they were 135-138 degrees in the center, then served with fresh Wisconsin cheese curds slightly heated, sweet potatoes baked in butter, and frenched green beans. These venison steaks can hold their own against choice ribeye, although charcoal would have been better...
That will make you slap yo’ pappy !


Stuffed backstrap. Unbelievably delicious. Merry Christmas to me

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IMG_2534.jpegIMG_2536.jpegIMG_2537.jpegHad company tonight and I was asked to cook ribs on the smoker. We happed to have a couple racks in the freezer so they went into the fridge a couple days ago to thaw. At noon today I fired up the Pit Boss, trimmed the fat and membrane off the spare ribs. I used mustard as a binder and Meat Church rubs for the seasoning. Two hours at 225* on the rack, then wrapped in foil with butter, brown sugar, and honey, placed the ribs on that meat side down. Put the foil wrapped racks back in for two more hours at 225*. Unwrapped, brushed on Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce, turned the heat up to 250* for thirty minutes and they were oustanding !