What kind of oak?


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I have a couple of oaks that I am growing in my front flower bed after throwing some acorns down 2 years ago. They came from the Dallas area, and the parent trees are huge. Last year they dropped so many acorns the street was completely brown, no exaggeration. I don't have a picture of the acorns (I will in a few weeks) but they are very large.

My friends told me that they were told that they were Texas red oaks. Looking that tree up, it appears to be small to medium size. It doesn't look like a shumard, as both trunks have split, and the seedlings are doing the same thing.

They survived the 2011 and surrounding years of drought with no issues. I plan to dig them up and plant at the farm this year. Anyways here are some pictures:

Two seedlings, 2 years old.


First year seedlings.


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Red Oaks take forever to produce acorns, and that tree is in the Red Oak Family. Because of the size of the nut I think it's a Shumard. It could also be a Black Oak.
Im leaning towards schumard. Just doesnt look like northern red or pin oak to me. Really hard to say for sure with leaves at this stage.