What kind of oak is this?


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I believe it's an oak. Location is central Georgia. Pictures were taken a few months ago when the acorns were small and still green. Now they are much bigger.Thanks everyone.



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Either falcata or laevis. Hard to tell from the pics

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For those of us that are not up on our Latin....
Falcata = Southern Red Oak
Laevis = Turkey Oak

I don't mind when folks use the Latin name and I agree it can reduce confusion, but for folks like me that ain't real smart can we also "dumb it down" as well?:D Without my google search - I would be lost!


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Thanks for the feedback guys. This is a tough one for me to identify because some of the leaves vary in shape/number of blades.


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A little off subject, but does anyone else spend vacations looking at strange trees/plants when far from home? I'm lucky my wife is interested in plants too.

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