What is killing this Chinese Chestnut Tree


I have 3 trees of Chinese chestnuts I pick up from. This year one of the trees looks like something is killing it. It has some new growth on it.
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Rogers, do you have any idea how old that tree is? Just curious how long it takes a Chinese chestnut to get that size. Sorry I cannot shed any light on your issue.

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They are real old. There is a metal fence post that is in the middle of one of the trees. I know they are older than 20 years. I just don't know how old.

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Is it blight? I know Chinese Chestnuts are popular because they are more resistant to blight than American Chestnuts, maybe your tree isn't very resistant? I'm just guessing, someone know what blight looks like on a chestnut?
I don't think it's blight but I'm no expert. I was thinking gall wasp damage. It's starting to grow new limbs. When I get off work I will read the article you posted Native Hunter. Thank You

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I lost a chinese chestnut to blight but the first signs of that showed up as cankers on the trunks.
That's the weird thing about it. I looked it all over I didn't see any blight or cankers anywhere on it. It even has new growth coming back on it. I will take some better pictures this weekend. Then I'll get you all so take another look at it. I hope it doesn't die.

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Isn't there a root pathogen that effects chestnuts? I would have no idea how you would narrow down to that though.
That is strange in a tree that size. I had a five foot Chinese that suddenly died this summer, one week it was fine next week it was dead with the leaves brown and crispy?
Had the same happen to two Dunstans in the last month or so. One week green, the next browned out and no green in the stem.

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