What I don't like about ground blinds

Or how does a wind storm blow a blind thru timber , across barbed wired fence, down a ravine and conveniently into middle of a small cattle pond at edge of woods? And it took me 4 months to find it after searching everytime at farm.
I found the blind. Judging by the high watermark it was covered with about 3 feet of water. Only damage done was three poles all on the walls were broken. It's at Ameristep dominator ground blind. Anybody have any experience if you can just replace the polls or you have to order a whole new hub system?
Currently waiting to hear back from the Ameristep to see if I can just change the polls or if they even support that model anymore. The blind itself was only 65 bucks. I got it on sale. I don't want to dump a whole lot of money into it.
Well just got off the phone with them. Guy I talked to said I'd have to order three new hubs. So at three new hubs. $20 apiece. That's about what I have in it if I ordered a brand-new one. I Might have to try to figure something else out.
Ground blinds have a built in Pond seeker. I have found a couple of ours in the pond over the years and no they weren't set up near a pond...
Well, here is my popup blind story. I bought one a few weeks ago at our local Atwoods store. They had them marked half price so I bought one. Set it up about a week ago, had a storm come through and well, I haven't found it yet. Really tics me off. I have looked my entire place over and cant find it. I hated to tromp over my whole place this close to the season but I really wanted to find it. This thing is gone. Must be in the next county. I've given up on tent blinds. Too much wind where I live. I had one tore to shreds a few years ago from wind. I didn't lose it but it was tore up pretty bad.
I always throw out the cheap stakes that come with the blind and replace them with heavy duty metal tent stake. One in each corner always works good for me but you could put one in the middle too.

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