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So i have found some new rubs and some freshed old scrapes. These scrapes have been pretty much inactive for the last 3 weeks. Its is our gun season so i am asumming its all at night. But what does it mean? I am no deer hunting pro. Does it mean that a doe is coming in? a new buck in the area and how to hunt it
Second rut (does that did not get bred the first round) is probably kicking in. Usually not as intense but still worth hunting.
Sounds like a buck is getting excited. Some gal around there must have cranked him or them up. Its a great sign. Hopefully he is sticking around.
Once the rut starts winding down, they go on the search for the few straglers, kind of when the rut first starts. I think they spend more time marking out their territory again.....
Use the fresh sign to figure out there route the deer is taking. You may not see him but find out where he is possibly bedding and feeding and you will increase your chance of seeing him. He may be a wanderer or you have a doe in heat for some reason to rattle his cage.....good luck and hunt asap as late season the sign won't stay hot very long.
Look at the first graph on the web page below. This is for one northern state but illustrates the way it happens for a good part of the country, although not all states - especially the further south you go. And even in states that follow this general pattern, the peaks can shift around by a few days.

There is a fine line between the winding down of the first rut and the start of the second. What this tells you is that in a good part of the country, there is no reason (in terms of does coming into heat) for bucks to stop working scrapes. Breeding opportunities are still there, although very slim in some areas. And, the toll that the first part of the rutting season takes on bucks (loss of strength, injury and being shot at) can have an impact on just how much they participate as time goes on. If you play a football game and get a serious injury, you probably won't want to play another game tomorrow. But if you come out unhurt and are young and full of energy, you might just want to.

In the case you described, it could mean a new buck that has ranged out from his core territory or it could be a home buck returning that has been gone for a while - or possibly just one that has rested up and getting fired up again. Regardless of which it is - you should be hunting! Good luck...............

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