Welcome and Thanks...


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First off I want to give a big thanks to cutman and alnipper49 for getting this new forum up and running so quickly. As everyone else I am very saddened by the closure of our other forum. We had a great thing going.

However, I personally want to welcome everyone over here and please spread the word so we can get this forum up and running strong. I am excited for the fresh start. A lot of new forums start off strong and then seem to fizzle out with time. I am going to do everything I can to help this forum grow into one of the top Habitat/Deer hunting forums around. Please join me in this quest.

I would also like to thank cutman and alnipper49. The forum was my only reason for staying with QDMA. I may not contribute as much as many others, but I relish my time reading all the posts.

CnC here.....Made my last post on the other forum and deleted the links from favorites. It's about to either shut down or melt down over there. It was kind of a sad moment when I think back on all the effort I put into making some of those threads. It is what it is though. Thanks to cutman and Tim for creating a new place for everyone to go.
Looks like a few familiar names around. Hopefully more to follow! Nice work gentlemen on getting this set up.
So happy to see all ya'll here.

CNC-I agree. All the hard work and hours creating our habitat threads are all gone. I would go out to my place with my camera just so I could share all my mistakes and success. I thought I would have my thread for a lifetime so I could go back and watch my land develop into my goals.

Well we can't cry over spilled milk so time to start a new one.
Thanks to all involved in putting this together. I didn't post much on the other site but learned a ton from reading a lot of yalls posts. Just glad I checked in over there before it melted down. Glad to be HERE!
A big thanks to all of you who have set this up. I have learned so much from all of you over the yrs.
This was a great idea. I'm very disappointed that QDMA is showing a side that I was too naive to see. But as with everything in life, age and time brings wise knowledge. The QDMA Forum and a few people outside of QDMA are what drew me to habitat management. I truly believe that forum and some of the knowledge gained contributed to my hunting success.

I was formally listed on the QDMA Forum as "hayesan". I put that in as a default and it stuck, but I never really liked it as a handle. This time I simply listed my full name to keep it simple. So I'm going to make the best of this switch and least have my handle improved.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed to my knowledge of QDM from the old forum, even those I had conflict with from time to time.


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I echo thankful sentiments towards Cutman, Al,and DogDoc for getting this new place going.

Formerly bad faulkner on several hunting forums. Now I am w33kender.

You can call me Mark.
Mark, we've been on the same forums going all the way back to the SC DNR forum. Glad to have you here.

Yes, sir. Make that two different forums we have seen croak, huh?

Thanks for having me. I hope others join. I live vicariously through so many contributors from the QDMA forum, including you! Very encouraging and informative.