Weed id,any ideas?


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My entire pasture was tall wheat grass, and about mid summer it all dies and this came in.


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For the future - I recommend posting you location in your profile and also taking better pictures from different angles - including the stems and how the leaves come off.

This one is difficult for me.

My initial thought when I looked at the plant was one of the Galinsoga Species that hasn't flowered yet. These are commonly referred to as quickweeds, smallflowers and a few other names. One of the more well known plants in that family is Gallant Soldier.

Without more info and better pics, that is a first wild guess, and I'm not sure I could ID it if I had that.

Also, with your description of how it took over, it may be some invasive that I don't even know about. But, if that's the case the county agent in your area probably has been given information.
Sorry... this is in Texas just east of Dallas. I was on qdma,haven't updated my profile yet on tapatalk. This isn't a great photo but it grows in large quantities, as you can see in the background of this photo.


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