Water Holes & Bears


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Any advice for trying to keep bears out of my water holes? I have few water holes i created with liners and them things just love climbing in there and using it as a bath tub, worried that eventually them claws will poke hole in it, not sure any thoughts to keep them out?

Thought of maybe putting some big logs in there to try keep them from rolling around
All that I can think of is welding a steel grid our of rebar or getting a hog panel the size of the water hole, and laying it across the water hole with the square corners well staked down into the ground.

Or an old piece of cast iron railing...
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Always my first question is do you feed corn? If so, stop if you want to decrease your bear problem. They are like any dependent on the system, once the word is out they flock to an area causing havoc. As much as I enjoyed seeing my bear, once corn was eliminated they became tolerable. Still present, but manageable. I usually have 5-7 residents on my 100.