Wanted Dead or Alive


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So I went down after work to replace an apple tree that died in the drought last yr. I thot. It lived thru last summer and looked fine but no leaves this spring. Stupid me yanked the "dead " tree out of ground , removed window screen from trunk and what do I see? these sprouts. I placed new tree but replanted this one in another spot.
Prognosis?? Should I trim back upper section?? Cut up entire tree for kindling? What think gurus?


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I'd let that thing grow! If the sprouts are above the graft it will be the variety you planted, if not you can graft whatever you like on a sprout.

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Thanks guys. That's how I was thinking and am glad you feel the same. It's funny because when I yanked it out of the ground, I thot man those roots look so healthy for such a dead tree. Maybe I've got a new technique for saving dying trees by way of window screen.
I see this occasionally after I have yanked tree tubes off supposedly dead DCOs,crabs,persimmons,etc

Back later,I find them resprouting among weeds!!!

i personally would cut the top growth off just above the sprout
I did think that also but didn't have my pruning shears with me. Where would you make the cut? And would putting this tree in a tube give it and advantage? I usually just cage them and window screen at trunks.

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