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You might remember that I had apple tree die after planting last year in a drought. When I went to replace it, I found suckers had started off the bottom trunk beneath the protective window screen I had around it. Since I had already jerked the "dead" tree out of the ground, I replanted and tubed the tree after cutting off the upper dead section.
This is what I have growing now. Is the root stock apple? Or is it perhaps a pear. Sure is healthy I know that and unfortunatley I planted it in a terrible spot on side hill for me to maintain. But whatever it is, it grows until it dies someday as far as I'm concerned. Should I clip to main leader when dormant this winter? Any comments?

Looks like an apple coming back from the rootstock. I would cage that and not do anything this year. Next spring, leave the strongest sprout and cut the others off at the groundline. Put a tree mat around it at that time. Let it grow one or two years and topwork it to the variety you want. If you don't have scion wood, lots of folks here will send you some.

One more thing - depending on how it looks I might also put a little more dirt around it before putting the mat down - but not a lot.
If it was originally an apple I said it the rootstock coming back up. If it was me late this winter I'd cut back to one leader and eventually graft it over to something else.

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I have a few trees I have turned into trees like yours. The ones that defy all odds of still being alive I am letting grow as is. I figure their will to live doesn't need me messing any further.