Venison Chops


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I like venison - I eat it quite a bit -but I get bored with it too.

So this year I'm trying some new things I've never done before, including Bone in chops, Shank, and a few other specialty cuts.

I started with Chops - was a little worried about the venison tallow - but it wasn't an issue at all for this cut at least. Here's 1st time results -





Liberal seasoning and a very very hot grill is the key - and of course not over cooking it!

Was truly very good!! Was worth the extra effort with a bone saw.
Dude. Thats the best looking venison chop ive ever seen! Whats your seasoning preference?

Ive definitely gone to cooking my venison steaks hot hot hot and quick!
What ever he uses looks delicious on them, but I have found that course salt and black pepper is the best tasting seasoning there is. If you don't like pepper, salt is still good. You actually get to taste the meat and it isn't covered up by anything else.
Those chop pictures are outstanding. I too prefer salt and pepper on chops as Doc says to really enjoy the venison flavor. However even the very best tastes become too familiar if done too regularly. So I'm all for changing it up with different seasonings to keep the plain old salt and pepper ones special. So I'm looking forward to reading what seasonings Farmhunter used on the chops.
Curious, how did you make your cuts? Do you have a bandsaw or did you do it with a handsaw? Very clean cuts, looks great!
Hey thanks for the comments all -

this seasoning was two actually -




Applied liberally and the chops allowed to come to room temp - 40 minutes about.
Now for cutting the chops - I used a Hand bone saw - 22" to extract the Saddle and to cut the ribs down to size along the rib cage and also to remove the vertebrate - here is the video that I used to learn

I use a very thin Filet knife to make those clean cuts - and my meat is a lot more cooled than in the video -when i butchered. I also French Trim the chop bones.
Did you do the rib lollipops?
I did not do the Lollipops - Our whitetail just had too much fat and tallow compared to this little English deer. This guy though - he's legit - I saved my Venison Shanks this year to try his and other recipes - check out his other videos -
Those look fantastic. I’ve posted this before but if you didn’t see it you should check out this guys’ site. He really raised my wild game cooking game. Here’s a link that talks about deer fat, thought appropriate since you left some on which most folks won’t do. Check out his recipes for game and other wild foods, I think you’ll like it.

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