Unknown oak

Looks like it....but not 100%. If you are familiar with bur oak....a SWO will have a similar bark pealing trait on the limbs and branches. Oaks can hybridize and can tend to have leaves that don't subscribe to the norm as well from time to time. I think what you have there is a SWO, but it could be a chestnut oak as well.......Both are in the white oak family and both will make great habitat and timber trees.
I do know for sure that SWO acorns have a long stem. Like an inch or more long usually.

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This is what I mean by the stem. Kansas State has several labeled SWO’s on campus and each one has acorns on stems similar to this.

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Thanks for the replies I’ll have to look more closely. The only thing the acorns are way up in the tree so they are hard to see.

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T-max is correct and the "stems" on the acorns are a tell-tale confirmation as well of SWO. Use a pair of binoculars or even a rifle scope - I do it all the time. My kids are like. "What ya looking at dad? What's up there?" "Nothing, just trying to tell what sort of tree this is." tends to be my reply. "Why are you such a tree nerd Dad - get a hobby!" They really hate it when I check out trees in public (I try to NOT use the rifle scope for that).