Turkey Season 2017


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Hate to see it go. As usual I didn't get to go as much as I wanted but tried to make the most out of every situation and enjoy time with friends and family.

Started youth season here in GA with rain on Saturday and little to no action. Sunday is cleared out and I was able to put my boss' son on a nice 2yr gobbler right off the roost.

For the opener I travelled down to SW GA and after a ridiculously slow opening day, me and a buddy were able to kill 3 on Sunday. One of which I found 500 yards from where I shot him after he flew off and died.

The next weekend we were off to Texas for our annual trip. Drug my roommate with us for his first OOS adventure. The birds were still really grouped up but we were able to cross paths with a few while we were there.

After returning back home from Texas it would be a couple more weeks before I crossed paths with another gobbler. Came really close to screwing this one up but got lucky and tagged out one Wednesday before work.

The last week of April we headed to the PNW and had a ball as usual.

Finished up the season in the mountains with some close friends and family. Had a good buddy kill one on Friday when we first got there. Other than that it was slow overall. I spent the weekend catching fish and cooking for everyone down at the river. It was a great way to say goodbye to turkey season.

Overall I had a good year. Was able to connect on 6 gobblers and got to watch a few more die. I look forward to this time of year more than anything else and truly enjoy every second of it. I thank the Good Lord he put the wild turkey on this earth for us to chase.
Man you got some miles in chasing birds! That is a pile of TX birds. Forgive my ignorance but what is the PNW? Definitely some beautiful country.